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Mini-Interior Detail: A Quick and Simple Clean

Is you Interior in need of a stress-free cleanup?

Mini-Interior Detail is our entry-level interior service.  Does NOT include stain removal but we can remove light dirt/dog hair/sand with our professional tools. 

Here is what is included:

  • Vacuum and blow dirt out of car with air compressor/electric drill brush
  • Wipe down of dust/debris on all surfaces
  • UV dressing on leather/vinyl/plastic
  • Streak-free interior windows and rear-view mirror
There is no deep cleaning with this service; if your vehicle has an excessive amount of pet hair and/or stains, then our Full Interior Cleaning service is a much better selection for you. 

Simple Pricing 

Pricing depends on size and condition of vehicle


Mini-cooper/Mazda Miata

$90 - $110


Toyota Camry/Subaru Forester

$110 - $130


Ford F-150/3-Row SUV

$140 - $160

Mini-Interior Detail FAQs

I live in an apartment without access to water or electric, is that a problem?

Absolutely not, we are 100% mobile and bring our own water and electric. 

Does this include shampoo of seats/carpet?

No, this service is meant to remove surface-level dust/debris as as a maintenance option.  If you are interested in more thorough cleaning; we suggest Full Interior Cleaning service

Do you remove car seats or child seats?

We do not remove car seats as a safety concern.  In regards to a child seat, we can remove and clean seat if requested.  However, we cannot re-install the child seat as a safety issue. 


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