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Entry-level Detailing Package
in Pittsburgh

Combines 1) Mini-Interior Detail and 2) Premium Wash

Refresh both your vehicle's interior and exterior

This service is designed for the vehicle that has previously been detailed before and is looking to rejuvenate the look and feel of their investment.

Combines all services found in:​

1. Premium Wash
2. Mini-Interior Detail

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Our Entry-Level Package Process 



Clean Wheels/Tires/Fenders with gentle chemicals and brushes to thoroughly clean all hard-to-reach areas


Apply spray sealant that will improve gloss and provide layer of UV protection to vehicle


Hand wash off all aspects of vehicle; including, bugs, door jambs, gas cap, grill.  


Tire dressing to provide deep matte appearance and ceramic spray applied to wheel to reduce buildup of dirt.


Safely dry vehicle with both forced air and quality microfiber towels to prevent scratching


Clean exterior glass with dedicated glass cleaner/towels to improve road vision and reduce glare. 



Remove all loose items

Separating trash from important personal items


UV protection

Dressing applied to plastic surfaces on dashboard/door panels


Thorough Vacuum

Combining air compressor, drill brush vacuum to remove light debris/dirt


Streak-free Glass

Thorough cleaning of all interior windows and rear-view mirror


Wipe Down

Removal of light dirt/debris with high-quality microfiber towels

Simple Pricing 

Pricing depends on size and condition of vehicle


Mini-cooper/Mazda Miata

$140 - $160


Toyota Camry/Subaru Forester

$160- $180


Ford F-150/3-Row SUV

$190 - $210

Entry-Level Package  FAQs

I live in an apartment without access to water or electric, is that a problem?

Absolutely not, we are 100% mobile and bring our own water and electric. 

What type of spray wax do you apply?

Technicians Choice TEC582 Spray Sealant.

Does this include shampoo of seats/carpet?

No, this service is meant to remove surface-level dust/debris as as a maintenance option.  If you are interested in more thorough cleaning; we suggest Advanced Package

Do you remove car seats or child seats?

We do not remove car seats as a safety concern.  In regards to a child seat, we can remove and clean seat if requested.  However, we cannot re-install the child seat as a safety issue. 

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