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Membership Plan

Save money and never see your car dirty again

What is a Membership Plan?

Very is regular detail, on a regular schedule, at a regular price point.  After your vehicle has been fully detailed, we set up a schedule at a price point that is lower than the initial detail cost.  

Schedule can be any of the following: bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.  
Each frequency has a different price point to meet both your needs and budget.


Who can benefit from Membership Plan?

This membership plan can be for a mother of 4 who owns a mini-van or for someone who owns a luxury vehicle that is only driven on the weekends. 

The benefits include:
  • Never waiting in line to have your vehicle cleaned
  • Maintaining your vehicle for less overall money
  • Never stressing about finding time to clean your vehicle
  • Your vehicle will always be clean and your investment will be protected

How can I sign up and what does it cost?

Sign-up process: After your interior/exterior is fully detailed at our normal price-point.....the only thing left to decide is how often you would like your vehicle cleaned.  
Cost: Based on the frequency of your choice, we can offer you a fixed price-point that will never change for that year.  Price will only increase/decrease if you change how often your vehicle is detailed.  The cost of the membership plan can be paid after each detail or annually; we are very flexible with payment options.  
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