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Wash.Clay.Seal: Add Shine and Protection to Your Paint

A Great Service to Protect your Vehicle

Make your Paint Shine and Protect it Against Pittsburgh Weather

When was the last time you waxed/sealed your car? Months? Years?

Great service for spring to rid your vehicle of salt and provide UV protection for hot summer months. 

Wax/paint sealant provides layer of protection against harsh Pittsburgh winters.

Our Wash.Clay.Seal Process


Clean Wheels/Tires/Fenders with gentle chemicals and brushes to thoroughly clean all hard-to-reach areas


Apply layer of wax or paint sealant to entire vehicle via polisher or hand.  

This stage provides UV protection and makes the vehicle shine.


Hand wash off all aspects of vehicle; including, bugs, door jambs, gas cap, grill.  


Tire dressing to provide deep matte appearance and ceramic spray applied to wheel to reduce buildup of dirt.


Remove contaminants from clear coat with both 1) clay bar media  and 2) iron-remover products.  Improves slickness of paint.


Clean exterior glass with dedicated glass cleaner/towels to improve road vision and reduce glare. 

If you would like your entire vehicle cleaned and looking brand new, this service pairs well with the Full Interior Cleaning Service.  

Simple Pricing 


Small Cars/Sedans

$75 + 



$85 +


Vans and larger

$95 +

Starting prices listed above: subject to change depending on size of vehicle

Wash and Wax FAQs

I live in an apartment without access to water or electric, is that a problem?

Absolutely not, we are 100% mobile and bring our own water and electric. 

What type of wax do you apply?

Technician's Choice582 vs DIY Detail QuickBeads

How long will wax last on my vehicle?

Depends on how your car is stored and how you maintain the paint.  Depending on maintenance of your vehicle and how it is stored (garage vs outside); expect protection up to 6 months 

Does this remove scratches/swirls in my paint?

This wax will fill-in light scratches/swirl marks; improving overall shine and gloss of paint.  However, it will not correct deep scratches.  To correct this, paint correction is needed. 


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